Is love in the air or in your mind?

Is love in the air or in your mind?  love birds

Unlike olden days where women were suppressed and were not given much right for opinion and freedom, the scenario today seems quite different. At least in major parts of the world women have developed a lot and men and women are treated equal. Lot of interactions take place between boys and girls of age& men and women at work place. Being of opposite sex, it is very natural to have attractions and infatuations. Falling in love is all together a different story. Infatuation is a very small and temporary feeling. This feeling is usually around only when that person is around. If one has to identify whether he really in love, here is a checklist for that:

How much do you care about the person?

Will you cry if he / she is pain? Or will you immediately do something to reduce the person’s pain? In both the case you are in love.

Is he/she your best friend?

Love at first sight is in movies, novels and theories only, in reality all that is at first sight is infatuation. One can really fall in love with a person whom he/she already knows very well. Likes, dislikes, favorites and hates are all to be known.

love coupleWill you be uneasy if he / she is not seen around for a while?

If the absence bothers you then this is more than infatuation. If uninformed absence for a long while worries you, and makes you pace back and forth at high rate love is in your heart.

Ask yourself will you spend your old age with him/her?

If the answer is an instant yes, you surely are in love. One has to be ready to spend the entire life with the person he / she love

If he/she says no, how long will it take you to get over?

If you can even answer this question with any number, your were never really in love so take the rejection lightly.

Well this was a very short and quick checklist to see if you are really in love with someone. Once confirmed and confident from within one should go and express. There is nothing called right time. Go and tell, the worse you will get in return is a no.  And  this is what you will get anyways without expressing!

Fall and Rise in Love!

Life’s Baggage

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