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TEENS Take Control

7 Steps to Getting Your Way at HomeTeen_take_control__Book_cover_JPG

mini ebook for Teens ONLY! 

Learn how to get what you want!

This is the book that no parent knows about and every teen should read!  

If you want your parents to stop yelling at you, harassing you about the little things, and saying “no” to everything you propose than this book is for you. 

Short and EFFECTIVE! 

You are old enough now to help, have a say, and impact your own life!  So, get ready because I am about to give you some simple steps that will change your life! 

After reading this book and putting the steps into action you will have more privileges and get more of what you want from your parents. 

You are about to stop being treated like a child and start being treated like the mature teen you are!  

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